About Us

Why we’re the best option for your small business


A client-centred approach

At Tris Digital, we pride ourselves upon close attention to detail and involving our clients heavily in the design process. This ensures that the final outcome of a project reflects the vision of our clientele as closely as possible.


Fusing artistry and functionality

We believe that the modern website should be fast, look professional, and user-friendly. This perspective underpins our designs. Our projects aim to combine minimalist web designs with a focus towards ensuring high functionality to achieve this outcome.


How we can help you

We offer a variety of web development services to get your business online fast.

Bespoke web design

We use our knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to ensure your site reflects your vision for your business.

Website redesigns

Is your site looking a bit old? We can breathe new life back into your website with a redesign!

Search engine optimisation

All the sites we build are designed with search engine optimisation as a key priority.

Tris Digital has been a pillar for our social media presence, with excellent communication and stunning website design, he has brilliantly blended our interaction with our customer base. Building the foundation of our site, he has meticulously designed back and forth with our team to achieve a interactive and immersive site that allows our clientele to navigate without restrictions. He was the perfect candidate for us as a small business because of his comprehensive understanding of the different tools of the trade.



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